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2023 City of Yamhill Water Rate Study
The city of Yamhill has received the final water rate study. Due to significant interest from the public and the Council’s regard for transparency, the study is published on the website for public viewing. However, please understand that we have just recently received this information and are in process of going over it as well. The Council, Water Advisory Committee, Public Works and City Staff will not be answering any questions until after we have reviewed this information. We will be holding a Town Hall/Public Hearing regarding the water rate study September 6, 2023 at 7 p.m. to go over the information and answer questions prior to the Council making any decisions based on this information. In an effort to minimize repeated questions and comments, please submit any water rate study questions, in advance to: a.******@ci***********.org. They will be collected and addressed at the meeting. The regular Water Committee meeting for August is cancelled, so that they can have a closed-to-the-public work session and review this information. Click here to view the study.

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